Pesticides? In your tampons?

If you look for the ingredient list on a box of pads or tampons, you may feel there’s information missing about what’s inside. That’s because they’re classified as medical devices regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which allows them to hold back on displaying their full list of ingredients to the public.

This might make you wonder whether or not you should question what’s truly in your feminine hygiene products. Just good old cotton, right? Wrong. 

On the bright side, in order to be cleared by FDA, your tampons must be made of rayon, cotton, or a mixture of both...only? No. These aren’t the only ingredients that wind up in menstrual products. 

In fact, according to numerous studies, synthetic materials and toxic substances have been identified in pads and tampons and linked to hormone disruption.  Actually, although rayon is sourced from trees, it ends up being highly processed making the final product far from natural.  

Menstrual products come into contact with some of the most sensitive and absorptive skin on the female body. When laced with harmful ingredients, this may risk people’s health, especially when you consider the fact that we use such products for several days at a time every month, for decades. 

Of course, not ALL menstrual products will include such nasty ingredients, but given that it is not customary for FDA-approved companies to disclose their ingredients, the reality is, you never really know what you may be introducing into the most delicate area of your body. 

Switching to period underwear is a more sustainable, healthy choice all around. Not only are they less invasive, but you’ll have a better chance of treating your intimate area with love and care. 

What makes Viita Protection stand out? NO PFAS, certified organic cotton & WRAP certification.

Unfortunately, 65% of period underwear is likely to contain PFAS chemicals, otherwise known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, found in the antibacterial agent used by many brands. Not Viita! We are proud to offer antibacterial period protection that does NOT contain such harmful ingredients, which can remain in the body for years after exposure.  

Womanhood is hard enough as it is, we wouldn’t want to make it any worse by introducing potentially harmful bacteria into your body, disrupting your hormone balance, or worse.  

Our undies are also made of certified organic cotton to GOTS, the leading organic textile standard. What does this mean? From the harvesting of raw materials to manufacturing and even labeling, you can trust that your garments are environmentally and socially responsibly sourced and produced. 

What’s more, Viita goes beyond individual products and their make-up. Our factories are certified WRAP, demonstrating our commitment to upholding social and ethical standards by promoting safe, humane, lawful, and ethical manufacturing. 

What you put on and in your body is important and we know that. Here at Viita, we promise to create high-quality, breathable, antibacterial, and sustainable garments in the most authentic and transparent way possible. 

Take care of yourself and your surroundings with Viita Protection.