Our 4 tips to stay FRESH (down there!) this summer.

Let’s be honest, no one likes having a sweaty crack - front or back 🤪…here are our Top Tips to stay fresh & clean this summer & avoid nasty smells, itches & burns.

Use a refreshing mist spray

Stay refreshed while on the go with our Viita refreshing mist!  Our unique formula is pH balanced & completely safe to use on your most delicate parts. 

When to use it: 

After you use the toilet 

Before sex (what a boost of confidence knowing we smell so good!) 

After a workout (bacteria can accumulate due to sweat) 

During your period - after each bathroom break 

Wear breathable clothing

Cotton underwear is ideal to wear during the hot summer months! It ensures adequate comfort & protection all while allowing your privates to breathe appropriately. Our underwear is made with antibacterial technology & will therefore kill any odour causing bacteria while your legs are crossed on a hot sticky chair this summer! 

Clean yourself with the right soap! 

Ensure you clean yourself regularly with natural, unscented & gentle soap! Your intimate parts are extremely delicate & deserve gentle care. Viita offers a range of high-quality unscented, natural soaps, perfect for sensitive skin.

Top Tip - clean yourself with a Viita vaginal soap & spritz some refreshing mist as soon as you exit the shower! Your vagina will never be happier! 

Avoid wearing damp or wet clothes 

Wearing damp clothes or not drying properly after a shower creates the perfect breeding ground for yeast infections. Jumping in the water then sitting down for a margarita? We have all been there! An hour or so is fine, but all day might cause a nesting ground for bacteria! Make sure you always take the time to dry yourself properly!

Let’s enjoy an easy, breezy, smelly-free summer! ;)