Meet Maxime Morin #ViitaVoices

This weeks on #VIITAVOICES, we are chatting with the owner of Rose Buddha, Maxime Morin, about everything on overcoming fear and doubt, the next step of Rose Buddha and balancing life as a mom/entrepreneur/comedian/writer! Stay tuned to read more.


How/Why did you start Rose Buddha?

I had wanted to have my own business for a long time. I had taken a course in entrepreneurship and wanted to open a yoga studio. I wanted a concrete project and to no longer feel dependent on my job. I was pregnant and felt pressure to find stability, and I had the desire to have a little more control over my destiny and not spend my days waiting for the phone to ring. I also wanted to live according to my values and feel that I could make an impact, and make a difference.


What did you do before Rose Buddha (professionally)? 

I was a comedian and radio host.


What motivated you to enter this field? Were you afraid there would be too much competition?

Yes! Initially, I wanted to open a yoga studio, but Madeleine, my co-founder, insisted that we make leggings. I did not want to add another product to the planet that had no purpose. The question we tried to answer was: how to make leggings differently? Better. That's where the idea of creating eco-friendly ultra-comfortable leggings came from. I had been practicing yoga for years and teaching it part-time. Leggings and yoga were thus an integral part of my life.

How do you deal with fear and doubt? 

Fear and doubt are part of everyday life. They push me to reflect, to go further and to continue moving forward despite everything. When I was younger,  I used to ski jump. I had to learn to just go and take a leap of faith despite my fear very early on and repeated to myself that on the other side of fear and doubt, success often lies.


What advice would you give to Maxime pre-entrepreneur? 

Don't do it! Just joking. I would tell her: trust yourself, don't be intimidated and don't be afraid to set your limits and take your place.


Which women inspire you in your life?

There are so many women that I find inspiring. I recently met Marie-Josée Richer from the company Prana, her generosity and authenticity inspired and energized me. You Raquel, who started her business at a young age and is still here, adapting, innovating and uplifting others. My mother, who has been in business for a good part of her life, inspires me. My sister-mother, psychotherapist and great gatherer, and my friends are funny, brilliant, critical and show a lot of self-mockery.


Do you have a daily routine that you stick to?

 My routine has recently been changing. My kids are starting to grow up and I have more me-time. I like to wake up 15 minutes before everyone else, have my coffee, do some visualization/meditation and set my energy for the day. I finish my day at 4:30 pm when the kids come back from school and I no longer check my emails after that. That's important to me. Being in nature, skiing every week in the winter is part of what keeps me balanced.


What is the next step for RB?

I want to introduce Rose Buddha to the rest of Canada and the United States. I dream of Rose Buddha becoming one of the top options in people's minds when they think of activewear for women. I want our company to be a reference and a leader in eco-responsible and ethical practices.


How do you find a balance between being a mom, entrepreneur, comedian, and writer? (wow!!!)

Hahaha! The perfect balance does not exist, just like the perfect mom or the perfect entrepreneur. I have learned to accept that I can't do everything and do everything perfectly. I ask for help, I cut some corners for tasks that don't have a significant impact on my business (like cleaning), I delegate, and I try to do everything at MY pace. I have learned to say no to many things to keep what nourishes or inspires me the most. Sometimes I miss my work as a comedian, but I know why I am more selective with my projects. My family, my business, that's where I want to focus my energy on right now, and the rest is just extra if I have the energy for it.


What part of a business was better for you, the startup phase or the growth phase?

I actually love both. I love the startup phase and the thrill of the beginning. Jumping into the void, the whole period of creation and exploration. I have ideas for new businesses every day! Growth pushes me to be focused, to protect my energies, to be creative, and through it, I discover facets of myself that I didn't know before.



Thank you so much Maxime for being so open and vulnerable with us. Wishing you luck and success in all your future endeavours.