I am PRO choice

“Don’t have sex if you don’t want to get pregnant.” Have you heard this before? Thought so… 

The abortion debate is an everpresent controversy surrounding moral, legal & religious rights & beliefs that has long divided people around the world. As someone who highly values my rights as a woman in society, but who also values all lives, big & small, I have thought long & hard about this debate & wanted to share my stance with you today.  I may receive backlash for speaking my truth, but I believe it’s important to stand with those who need & deserve comfort & reassurance. So many individuals are quick to label women as baby killers, yet not enough are pulling together to tell their stories, tell each other that it’s okay, that they’ve been through it too & that they feel that same guilt at times. 

Yes, Viita is discussing this topic because we’re about more than just a product. Believe it or not, our undies represent a political statement. Our undies symbolize the fight for women’s rights, the fight for women’s healthcare, the fight for privacy, free choice & equality. 

I want to begin by stating that I am proudly PRO abortion. By that, I mean that I am PRO choice.

It is crucial to note that making abortion legal does not mean a woman is FORCED to have an abortion once pregnant. It simply gives us the option to have one if we feel it is necessary and/or preferable. Criminalizing abortion however, FORBIDS females from having the CHOICE & CONTROL over their own bodies.

Truth is, preventing girls, women, females from accessing abortion services does not mean they do not need one. The law should not control whether or not you’re ready to have a child.  

Females, women should be trusted to know whether or not they can bring a baby into this world, to know whether or not they can provide their child with sufficient love & care. Forbidding abortion removes this trust & instead imposes an external authority & control over a person’s body. 

What I find truly disheartening & shameful is the lack of resources we have set up to avoid unwanted pregnancies and take care of children. Before deciding whether or not abortion should be legal, we should be focusing on the systems we’ve got set in place to take care of the children in the foster care system. We should be focusing on our access to health insurance, birth control, counselling & sexual education. A reform of our foster & health care systems is necessary.

While I do believe individuals who are pro life have some valid points & I can understand their stance, I prefer to value a female’s life & rights over an unborn fetus’. Once again, by legalizing abortion, we are not FORCING abortion. We are simply offering females the CHOICE to resort to one. Making an abortion illegal fordibs a female from having an abortion no matter what their means & conditions of life are & no matter HOW they fell pregnant. 

The reality is, even if you’re lucky enough to live in a country like Canada where the mother has been chosen as the first priority and resources are readily available, you’re not guaranteed freedom from the guilt, social scrutiny & shame aimed at you by a system that values institutions more than individuals, a fetus not yet viable outside the womb more than a fully fledged woman. THIS is why we must stick together & support each other through this political battle.